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On this website you will find information on the progression of the New World Order and news and current events relating to the One World Government. We attempt to piece together the information and look at all views of what exactly is happening in this world. Including following the Elitists in control, politics, world events, religious views and prophecy.


This website is dedicated to getting important information to the public which is ignored by the main stream media, and not known by the majority of the public. It is about opening peoples minds up to the lies and manipulation that are used on us to keep us in check and under the total control, through the media, debt, religion and fear.

The Illuminati Agenda?

At this point in time we know that there is a grand scale plan in the world to control and manipulate the minds of the people to accept a Big Brother Style New World Order. A global police state, which has control of peoples freedom of speech, action and freedom of information. It has been controlled and manipulated by the few from the days of Adam Weishapt (at very least), or depending on how far you wish to trace the origins back, to the time of the Templars and Rosicrussians, and even to Egypt or the time of the Essene's. A time when secret societies governed control of politics and religion, where some of the founding roots (still used ritualistically today) in secret societies such as the freemasonry come from.

Man is being numbered by means of taxation numbers, social security cards, and being slowly introduced microchips, and forced into living in a society of rules in which we MUST conform to survive. Your children must go to school, or be home schooled, either way they are still forced to learn and are programmed with information which is controlled and governed over. In school we have general excepted rules; that tell us NOT to disobey teacher, do not argue a point with teacher, teacher is always right, DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY. We are mind washed and programmed at a young age. If we refuse this programming, challenge the authority in the classroom (or in the world later on in life) we are either ridiculed by society, outcast, blacklisted, and for some shut down and defamed.

Most accept without question the world in which we have been brought up into. Work all their lives for the luxury of being able to afford to go and die somewhere 'nice'. For many more the social pressure to conform into a certain way of behavior, dress, and accepted lifestyle, is either too hard, or too meaningless and they choose to end it...

At this time, we as humanity are forced into wars that are wanted only by the few in power, and used as drones fighting and dying in the names of freedom, and liberty, or whatever else they choose to call it at the time. Over Religion - a means of control through fear - , and wealth - a creation of man, NO LONGER SUPPORTED BY PRECIOUS METALS, in essence electronic money, which does not exist, but can be used by the banking and governments systems to take thing FROM YOU that do exist, your land, house, car.... *For more information on this read about Fractional Reserve Banking*.

Today we are at a special point in history.

Today, we number more than 6 1/2 Billion, we are seeing technology advance at the speed of light, we are seeing a world at crisis, economically and environmentally, we are seeing more and more people opening their eyes to the fact that things are not all as they seem, we are seeing people turn away from religion in droves. We are seeing biblical prophecy, and 'culture prophecy' fulfilled. *By culture Prophecy I am talking about ancients cultural beliefs, without religious intentions, being recorded, for example the Aztecs Sun Stone Calender, and the Time lines in the Pyramid of Giza* We are nearing a point of critical mass, in numbers, and in the numbers awakening from the created reality that we get shoved down our throats by the media and the people in power.

The plan is unfolding faster and faster, World Unions are forming, the EU, the African Union, now the North American Union which is being brought in with the AMERO as its currency. Kevin Rudd has been elected prime-minister of Australia (in part due to his asia business background I expect) to help bring about the Asia Pacific Union. He has been in power for a few months and is already making speeches on this matter. These are another means of seeking control by centralizing power. They will be Pushed. I found out yesterday that Denmark a major country that opted not to join the EU. Is being pushed into ANOTHER referendum by the government next year. The news has been propagating the good things about the EU and stating that public opinion is swinging in favor.

We are now a controlled people. The New World Order is already upon us. One of the things that has helped speed up the process is 9/11. It has given the government the ability to take away the freedoms of the people through things such as the 'Patriot Act' and others... The control and create the problems so that they can offer the solution which suits there purpose.
*Read more about 9/11 and how it was orchistrated by the American Governement*


This all brings me to the question I was originally going to pose.

What is the Illuminati Agenda?

I was thinking about this while at work yesterday. The answer most websites, lecturers theorists say is: the Illumainti wish to control the world and the people by..... micropchipping.... big brother..... money.... aliens!.....
What they are DOING is not the answer. We know that already


A plan that can be traced back hundreds of years through societies and brotherhoods of Elite Men and Women? So much work over generation to get to where we are today?

There seems to be two lines of thinking.

The Worldy 'Finance' view

1. The Illuminati/ Shadow Controllers of this world are after control and power over the world.

Questions: Why would they want need control of the world?

They have within the 8 elite families control of over half of the worlds money, why when they can have everything and anything this life has to offer, would do they care about more money? It seems improbable to me that a group so select that has always been wealthy through the generations really cares about this man created entity.

Do they wish to be able to control the freedoms and minds of every person on this earth to get their kicks?????!!! Also unlikley....

Are they all just evil pricks?

Do they want more land? They can already do and go anywhere they want. They have power and influence in nearly every country world wide. What would this achieve?

None of the above make too much sense for such a grand scheme embedded into the roots of our history. (If you can think of a sensical reason/ theory for all of this please let me know)

2. The Worldy/ Otherworldly/ Historic Secrets reason. That there is a big secret/ events we are being prepared for.

In this line of research links and ties are always made between historic events/myths for example the holy grail in relation to the Knights Templar which follow through bloodlines to the elite of today. 'Cultural Prophecy' as I referred to before, ie the Sun Stone of the Aztecs and Egyptian Timeline, both of which predict events accurately that have happened in our time (both of which conveniently end in the year 2012). Giving way to armageddon theorists.... Also theories on alien interaction with the ancients, (nephillum, annnaki, reptilians, greys...) and government conspiracy to cover this up until the 'appropriate time'.

Questions: What of historical significance could cause the Illuminati, and groups like the knights templar to do all this?
Holy Blood Holy Grail Theory: that Mary Magdeline was to be put in-charge of the church. If this was indeed a reality it would destroy the Vatican and priestly power over the masses, as it takes away the authority of the pope as head of the church and obliterates the aurthority of priests... Also it would lift the value of women in society a notch.

I can see how the Illumainti USES churches as a means of achieving its goals (control through fear of the people), but is the destruction of the vatican going to induce the need for this global conspiracy, reduction of freedoms, microchipping...?
- I think not.

Have we been infiltrated by other world entities? If there was a cover up of alien life, existing and watching us, have we been programmed for them? As fighter drones, workers without opinion? Tagged and counted as to keep the peace or control when introduced? Are we (as the Mayans believed facing a time of evolving to a higher level of universal consciousness, being prepared to become part of the bigger picture or universe as a whole?

If so, their are several types of alien identified throughout history, some which seem much like us, greys, watchers...
Some, reptilian, with cruel intentions that seem to be at the core of there existence.

The question arises if we are being prepared for something larger, which side does it fall on?

... and as disturbing in my mind, the mind of a person who is all for freedom of speech and anti N.W.O. and Illuminati to the very core of my being, are we be tagged counted and prepared through war, movies...

Are we being controlled so that we may have everything taken away from us? So that if we accept the mark of the beast, the microchip in hand and forehead we can be traced, stopped, controlled and even killedif not prepared to follow orders...

Or. (the interestingly disturbing part in my mind) have we been slowly brought up with the ideas of hollywood movies like Independance Day, Star Wars... as a means of getting use to the concepts that this stuff could possibly be out there. Are we being prepared, tagged counted and controlled, trained in warfare, in life, in games, in movies, so that we may be protected when the time comes?

With all the horrible things that the Illuminati seem to stand for, could there intentions for the world and its people as a whole be for our own protection???

*Please feel free to reply with and theories or comments on these notions...*